Averment of Jurisdiction
Quo Warranto

Writ of Averment of Jurisdiction

AVER. L. Fr. To have.”

AVER, v. In pleading. To declare or assert; to set out distinctly and formally; to allege.

In old pleading. To avouch or verify. To make or prove true; to make good or justify a plea.”

AVERMENT. In pleading. A positive statement of facts, in opposition to argument or interference.

Averments were formally said to be general and particular; but only particular averments are found in modern pleading.

Immaterial and impertinent averments (which are synonymous,) are those which need not be made, and, if made, need not be proved.

Negative averments are those in which a negative is used.

Particular averments are the assertions of particular facts.

Unnecessary averments are statements of matters which need not be alleged, but which, if alleged, must be proved.
In old pleading. An offer to prove a plea, or pleading. The concluding part of a plea, replication, or other pleading, containing new affirmative matter, by which the part offers or declares himself ‘ READY TO VERIFY.’”
                                                   Emphasis added, See Black Law Dictionary pages 171-72

Protocol Averment of Jurisdiction

Understanding the Writ of Quo Warranto

The writ of Quo Warranto essentially, is a common law writ couched as a writ of right for the noble, against any alleged public or private presentments or allegations or damages caused by a party or parties who claimed or usurped any office, franchise, or liberty, supported by the constitution or treaties or other obligations, to inquire “by what authority” he or she supported their claim, in order to determine the right.
                                                                                 See Black Law Dictionary pages 1417.

It must be noted that the writ may also be used where an enforceable right has been overlooked or neglected, misused or abused. This is due to the nature of the Writ of Quo Warranto’s ability, to formally and civilly request of a charging party to produce or show, for the public record, “by what warrant” he or she exercises their alleged franchise or power; to do business or treat with a National within their own land in contradiction to a negotiated and settled International Treaty.

It must be reiterated that the Foreign European Colonizers and their descendants have over stayed their welcome and are acting on alleged rights and powers that were and are beyond the scope of limited powers / jurisdiction, initially delegated or granted to them.

Though this writ is not ordinarily available to regulate or change the manner of exercising such powers this writ is intended to fundamentally prevent exercises of power which are not offered, given, nor accepted by and under the law of the Land being the Constitution.

It must be noted that the U.S. Constitution was adopted by the Europeans from the Moors at Northwest Amexem / Northwest Africa / North Al Morocco / North America. Furthermore the reader must keep in mind that these same parties also act on alleged limited powers / jurisdiction that have been neglected and subsequently abused at least since 1861 C.C.Y. when the Congress of the U.S. adjourned sine die, meaning without day.

Importance of Lawful Notice

“NOTICE. Information; the result of observation, whether by the senses or the mind; knowledge of the existence of a fact or state of affairs; the means of knowledge.

Knowledge of facts which would naturally lead an honest and prudent person to make inquiry constitutes “notice” of everything which such inquiry pursued in good faith would disclose.

In another sense, “notice” means information, an advice, or written warning, in more or less formal shape, intended to apprise a person of some proceeding in which his interests are involved, or informing him of some fact which it is his right to know and the duty of the notifying party to communicate.”

                                                Emphasis added, See Black’s Law Dictionary page 1210.

Application of Lawful Declaration

Declarations are generally statements that are made outside of court. These may be general or special in nature.
At Common law, the declaration, answers “the ‘libel’ in ecclesiastical and admiralty law, the ‘bill’ in equity, the ‘petition’ in civil law, the ‘complaint’ in code pleading, and the ‘count’ in real actions .”
                                                     Emphasis added, See Black Law Dictionary page 495.

Whether one is being oppressed via any false claims be they in the form of a writ of libel, bill, petition, complaint, or a count, it is important to remember that in defense of ones rights or enforcement of any said rights worth enforcing, in most instances, these rights must be expressed via a formal written Declaration.
“It commonly comprises several sections or divisions, called “counts,” and its formal parts follow each other in this order: Title, venue, commencement, cause of action, counts, conclusion .”
                                                     Emphasis added, See Black Law Dictionary page 495.

Moors and scholars should keep in mind that the “commencement” section within any Writ or Affidavit of fact, not only identifies the names and capacities or characters in which the parties are suing and will be sued, it logically allows one to become aware of the status of the parties involved in the matter. Moors must be aware of that the tribunals have a nasty habit of convoluting and confusing issues that fall under outside of their limited jurisdiction. If a Moor is not dealing with an Article III court the likelihood of abuse of the Federal and International laws are sure to follow.
To this point the “Legal Advisor” within the State Department issued a Memo on Consular Notification and Access. Moors must remember that the Prophet told the Moors that if you do not do anything else proclaim your Nationality. This is the bear bones minimum requirement. Anyone interested in being active and not passive however must challenge herself or himself to grow not only in competence and overstanding about the real politics and economics that run this planet but by learning and gaining new skills and perspectives on everything they thought they knew about life. Upon coming into the knowledge of understanding what the terms Nationality and Birthrights means individually and collectively we must then recognize the Civil and Judicial authority that must be enforced to establish and maintain order in society on a local, regional, national and international level. Moors must then begin to Act Locally and Think Globally. Being descendants of master navigators we must begin to study, study, study as the prophet instructed to stimulate our cellular memory and find out who we truly are made to be in this cycle. We must all remind ourselves of our chosen mission, so as not to stray from the path that has been set for us to succeed on this realm.

Application of Declaration

It is important for newly awakened moors to recognize not only the benefits and protections of Proclaiming their Birthrights and Nationality but begin to overstand the realities of being under occupation for generations and the responsibilities that inherently come with this new consciousness. The journey begins with a knowledge of self and ones Zodiac but on a more practical level many Moors still struggle with the pressures of daily attacks from Armed Roman Occupational Forces / Armed Mercenaries due to a lack of understanding about the importance of Notice in establishing a verifiable claim against an adverse party.
            Without a doubt Romans / Indo-Europeans / Dishonorable Moors have been and will continue, to plan, strategize, and organize; to continue covert and overt oppression of the Moabite Mothers and the Sons of their wombs. The Romans ‘divide and conquer’ methods have wreaked havoc upon the Moorish children and their mothers via various WARDSHIP TENURE rooted documents that have been purported and promoted as being a part of the established Law of the Land. Subsequently, once one is aware of the Fraud and Illegality latent within and of Unilateral and Adhesion Contracts they will begin to seek to rebut such frauds by whatever means possible. It is important for all Moorish Scholars, Lawmen, Muftis, Sheriffs, Jurist Doctors and those with Phd., L.L.M. or Esquires / Attorney / Attorner / Bar Associate / Members of the Queen’s Bench, etc. or the like with Foreign Titles of Nobility or illusions of grandeur due to certain special arrangements of letters after their Cognomens, should consider the Writ of Averment of Jurisdiction and Notice of Removal in their daily affairs.
It is our hope that upon realization of the over arching and wide impact caused by removal of Moorish Affairs from the Illusory Foreign European Occupational Jurisdiction and their Occupational Military Tribunal Venues, that Moors will begin to overstand, on multiple levels, why the Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali told the Moors that we must first learn to love instead of hate and the we must learn to be ourselves to attain an ultimate goal of upliftment of fallen humanity in honor of our most ancient and divine customs being Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.
The following are excerpts of information that are primal to Moorish Scholars and Newly awakened Moors. Also you will find the Writ of Averment of Jurisdiction available for free download below.
Last but not least we must take this time to remind everyone that all documents and writs must be printed on legal size paper which is, 8 ½ x 14”. Please visit our Consular Court page for further information.

Peace and Moor Love
Nun Nagi El

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