Restoration of Consular Court Continues
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These Online classes should assist those seeking to complete their Juror Questionnaire. Within these lessons are demonstrable clues and some of the answers to the questionnaire. All Moorish Scholars are reminded that we must reflect upon ourselves (Higher and Lower) as we Study, Study, Study!

Consular Court Restoration

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 Restoration of Consular Court
Juror Questionnaire


   Moorish Americans: descendants of the ancient Moabites and rightful Heirs of ‘The North Gate’: In our reviewing of the contemporary histories of the Moorish Nation and of the present negative conditions on the Earth and in the world generally, we conscientiously respond to the pressing need to reconsider the varied, negating and untoward conditions existing. Much of these ruinous disorders are due to perverse ‘European Colonial Occupation’ (via descended Inquisition Operations in U.S. Demo- Corporate succession).  With selfishness; with greed; and with unbridled force, the deceptive Priesthood and Personators of benevolence have weaved their pathogenic administrating agendas, mirroring the Romans’ self-assigned Unam Sanctam Hegemony practices.  Moving to and fro across the earth, they have forced their Bulla propagations by way of Missionaries, Mercenaries, and Militaries and deem to secure their professed hypothecations with vain explications.   Upon these social and political platforms, the parasitic Roman Oligarchs have declared themselves as GOD!
  With relentless fervor, the Romans / Europeans have perpetrated their foul conquest intentions against the earth and against the human family.   In our quest for resolutions and remedies, we must keep in mind our cultural knowledge of ‘The Higher Self’ and of ‘The Lower Self’. Being Moorish Scientists of the Northwest, we must also remember truth in nature and the Divine Law rule of ‘Cause and Effect’ and strive to keep our passions within the bounds of righteousness.  Nevertheless, and by virtue of the inter-social and international realities of human society, we Moors of the Northwest are also in treaty relations with the Roman descendants, designated as, Europeans.   In these days, we are dealing with an occupational and criminal body – politic of Romans / Europeans and their descendants who have been, and are operating in belligerent ‘breach’ of treaty, and who are practicing such things which are repulsive to the organic Constitution.   Observing these breaches and oppositions, we move to view our contemporary social and political conditions with cognizance, and with deliberations and reflections on the past.

Consular Court Restoration

  This assignment is taken with the applied comprehension that the ‘Moorish Divine and National Movement’ is Rotarian in purpose and complexion.  Therefore, the Moorish Movement is national and international in character.  We, the descendants of the ancient Moabites, - being the natural peoples of the Land, are the true Nationals (Al Moroccans).   An affirmed number of us are seriously working toward stimulating our oft – distracted people to study and to seek a functional level of consciousness in government structure and of its limited parameters.   Logically, qualified participation in proper civic instructions is required with discipline needed to accommodate the ‘Restoration’ of the ‘Consular Courts’; (think proper recognition of Diversity) at North America.
   Just because the occupying Europeans have ‘Breached’ their obligations to the Treaty and to the organic Constitution for the united States of America, does not leave us (the Moors) without our responsibilities towards ourselves, and in relationship to the occupation – damaging problems facing ourselves and our own miseducated peoples.   The unfortunate reality still remains that we are, nevertheless forced by the existing conditions to deal with the compound problems caused by European occupation of our peoples and Lands.   After all, they are still occupying the ‘North Gate’.   And despite whatever ideas or opinions held by any party involved, the Consular Court platform and venues are of no doubt needed.
  All existing judicial platforms and court venues that have been held as appearing legitimate courts on North American soils, have been operating under a ‘Color – of – Law’ and under a ‘Color – of – Authority’.  These are known misprision facts; particularly since the ‘coup d’etat of 1861, which was feigned by reconstruction historians as, “The Congress for the united States of America adjourned Sine Die.”  These same historians and scholars have always known, and do know that the existing and Demo-imposed judicial system at North America is based in fraud and with its membership operating in a deceptive state of impersonation.  Furthermore, all historians, scholars, and ‘General Education Board’ teachers, administrators and professors have always known that the misrepresented judicial system that operates on the Land at North America is unconstitutional; is a foreign, for-profit platform of and for private European Barrister venues, et cetera.  All such pseudo-courts were then, and are now, de facto; again, ergo a need for Consular Court Restoration.

  Contemporarily, (1956) an important and compound political action took place, initiated from the North Gate. Layered within those political actions, discussions and disputes was the relinquishment of Consular Court at the Northwest.  On the one hand, the apparent implications of right of self – government was restored to Moorish jurisdiction, yet on the other hand, we see that European decolonization initiatives (commanded by International Law agreements) were not actuated on the larger scale over the Lands of the Moors.   The Europeans relinquished jurisdiction at the Moroccan Kingdom territory located at the northern coast of South Asia (Africa) but did not relinquish jurisdiction at Northwest Amexem / Northwest Africa / North America.
   We are aware of many otherwise hidden and less publicly - admitted political, economic and social motivations as to why the German / Dutchman, Dwight D. Eisenhower relinquished jurisdiction at some parcels of the Moroccan Empire, but (with deception) not abandon jurisdiction at the heartland; - ‘The North Gate’.    
   Now, to maintain some clarity on the ‘Consular Court Restoration’ subject matter at hand, let us present to the reader the definition of the word, ‘Restore’. Restore is derived from the Old Moorish Latin, restaurare, and means, “to renew; to rebuild; to alter; to give back; to return; to put back; to bring back into existence or use; to bring back into a former state or condition; and to put again in possession of something.”   


    In our current ‘Moorish Affairs’ we are addressing the important issue of assuring among ourselves, qualified and qualifying Jurors. This is necessitated by the fact that many active Moors are coming back into the Constitutional fold of government, with the intent to enforce the de jure, established law of the Land, via that organic Constitution. Therefore, qualified jurors are an obvious component to the social – political remedies, which have (by default) been absent from our communities. A Juror is essentially a designation given to a woman or son who takes on an affirmative oath as an allegiance. Thus, in organized government, and under the rule of established jurisprudence and law, a juror is a Jurisconsult. A Jurisconsult is one who is learned in International Law and in Public Law. Therefore, Jurisprudence, Jurisprudent, Jurisdiction, Jurist, Juristic, Juridical, Jusgentium, Jus sanguinis, Jus soli, Jural, Justice, et cetera, are all related to, and included in, the studies required of, or relegated to, a Juror. Thereupon is an honorable Juror ‘trusted’ as a qualified Consul.   ​​
  Within the grammatical construct of the word, Jurisconsult, one can see the word, ‘Consul’ (Juris consult ). That foresaid allegiance of a Juror / Consul refers to the acts of one taking on devotion to ethical maxims, to established principles, to honorable causes, to loyalty, and to the fidelity owed to one’s kindred, nation and government, et cetera. Given to reason, a Juror is a member of a collective, chosen body referred to as a Jury. A Jury is an agreed body of natural people who are, by legal, qualified process, selected to examine and to inquire into any matter of fact; and to give or to present their just determinations or verdicts according to the manifested evidence. Logically, one who is dealing with, or assigned to address or to investigate such evidence, by right, should and must be ethical in her or his rationale and judgments. Ethics is the discipline that deals with what is good and bad, and with moral duties and obligations. And so, in this instance, we are consciously working to discipline ourselves to take serious, the individuals, the groups, and the national obligations, which we hold (by unbiased measure) as primal to Moorish Culture. And so we are taking on the responsibilities of practicing and restoring (where absent) those moral and ethical principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice.
Excerpts from Juror Questionnaire (1438 M.C.)

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