Consular Court has been Restored to the People

As we are forced to make changes we have and will continue to make changes to this page. We will update the public with new offers and other information as departments and vital positions are filled. We are looking for able bodied and minded moors or unconcious moors to reach out for assistance and support. Our staff will do our best to assist you in your journey.

Nationaliztion & Declaration

The process of Nationalizing does not have to be difficult. Allow us to assist you in completing, sealing and Publishing your Name Declaration and Judicial Proclamation for the Public Record. This will greatly assist those who wish to make a formal rebuttal of any adverse claims on your Estate via Consular Court.

Filing of Lawful Writs / Affidavits for Suit in Consular Court

Through your designated Rasm/ Recorder of your Regencia / Regency and Provincia / Province you may file any lawful Writs or Affidavits of fact with the Consular Court for review, adjudication and or final judgement by Qazi or Majlis.

Lawful Removal Assistance

Our Rasms may assist you in establishing public or private record required to effectuate removal of any colorable suit accepted by Qaza or Majlis acceptable under National Law or Customs.
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Sealing of Lawful Writs or Affidavits

As moors become active in their Moorish Affairs, they will find that much of the work needed to secure ones estate will require Lawful Writs and/or Affidavits to Establish grounds for a suit or to demonstrate ANY Lawful/ legal rebuttal.

Writ Review

So you have completed your Lawful Writs or Affidavits but you are unsure if your writ is ready to be sealed & submitted to the Regency? Allow our staff to review your documents and assist you. (Review is limited to Basic Grammar and Structure of the Document. All questions that require any Legal / Lawful research may create additional cost or expenses.) Caveat Emptor.

Workshops/ Classes

We offer online as well as in person Workshops and Classes on various topics and issues facing the nation and her people. To complete scheduling of your educational session please visit our Contact Us page today.
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Consular Court Restoration 1st Anniversary


House of R.A.M.
602 Vandever Avenue
Near Wilmington Delware Republic [19802]

When: April 15th, 2017 (C.C.Y.) 1439 (M.C.Y.)

From: 1 P.M. to 4 P.M.

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Consular Court Plat Part 1 of 3

Consular Court Plat Part 2 of 3

Consular Court Plat Part 3 of 3

We are Ready to Assist you!

Please contact us when YOU are ready to be Active and not Passive. Or if you would like to know more information about how You may become a part and parcel of the Regencia/ Regency and our Moorish National Governmental functions and Operations.
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